Nayef Copty

Pintos, Unix-based Operating System

Pintos is a Unix-based Operating System written in C. I implemented a non-busy alarm, multi-threading, scheduling, virtual memory and a file system.

Unix Shell

An extensible shell developed in C with process management, job control and plugins support. For the source code,

Web Server in C

A multithreaded HTTP web server written in C that provides access to web services and files. For the source code,

Payment Processor

I developed a PCI-DSS compliant applications and infrastructure that processes online credit card payments on top of MiGS (Mastercard Internet Gateway Service) in the Middle East. I also wrote a financial operations backend that handles the flow of funds as well as a fraud detection pipeline that all transactions go through.
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MediaME iOS App

MediaME provides the latest listings for advertising and media professionals in the Middle East. This is the Who's Who app with the latest information.
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Jeeran iOS App

Jeeran is an app designed to help you find the best places and services in your city. I developed this app as part of a subcontract over a summer with Jeeran.
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Tip 'n Tag iOS App

Tip n' Tag allows you to ask specific questions and receive local answers on the go. I developed this app as a freelance project with Tip n' Tag.


Converts mathematical infix expressions to prefix expressions and reduces them in C. For the source code,

Scheme Grammar Parser

A parser in Scheme that will return the number of statements and maximum depth level of a given program. For the source code,

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